Wednesday, July 20, 2016


The schedule for this weekend is now posted on our Maine State Feis page! We can't wait to see everyone there!!

A reminder to sign up for our charity dance off! All proceeds go towards Breast Cancer research. Enter as an individual or with a group and perform 48 bars of a treble reel with a Maine theme! You can sign up on the day! It's a great event and an even better cause.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Maine State Feis 2016

The Maine State Feis Syllabus is now posted on our website under the Maine State Feis page, with a quick link to the syllabus under helpful links. 

Dancers may also register online at

We can't wait to see everyone at the feis this summer 
July 23rd at the Gorham Middle School! 

Show Reminders

Hello everyone!
There are a few reminders we want to send out before class tomorrow!
1. If your child is on the Irish side of the Warriors number (Maddie D, Eva, Nash, Patrick D), they will need an Irish sweater and plain black pants (No colored waist band or design) that they can dance in for the show. If you have an Irish sweater at home, please bring it to class on Wednesday. If not, please contact Carlene. If anyone has an Irish sweater at home who is not in the number, please let us know as well!
2. The "parents" in Lannigan's Ball (Rylan, Patrick D, Maddie D, Madeline Nieter) need to bring in an "old fashioned" adult outfit for our practice tomorrow at 4. The "children" (Maddie G, Cassidy F, Mckenna F, and Emma) need to have a collared white t-shirt for class. We will provide skirts for them.
3. For the Brush Dance number (Brendan, Nash, Patrick, Eli) dancers need to bring in a wood or black colored broom that is light enough to dance with.
4. Costume rentals will be $10 per costume with a max of $30. Fees need to be paid before dancers are allowed to receive their costumes. There will be a $25 late fee if costumes are not left in designated bins after the show.
5. There will be a concessions stand at the show. Any parents willing to donate a baked good, please contact Kim Balzano.
6. Lannigan's Ball will meet on Wednesday from 4-5pm and all dancers participating in the concert are expected to arrive at 5pm.
7. We are trying to start practice for everyone except Lannigan's Ball on Thursday at 4pm. Please contact Carlene with any major conflicts.
8. Tickets are available at the studio for those interested!
9. Dance camp starts Monday! Forms were handed out a few weeks ago, but if your child still needs to sign up, pre-registration forms are available at the studio.
**Please expect practice to run late as these are the last two practices before the recital!**

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Update for Class tomorrow

Tomorrow "Warriors" (Eva, Brendan, Rylan, Maddie D, Eli, Patrick, Clara, Nash) will meet at 430pm instead of 5pm. It was discussed with the students in the number at class and was more suitable for the schedules of those involved. Other numbers will still meet at the same time regardless. 

Monday, June 6, 2016


As you know we have 2 WEEKS until our dance concert on Friday, June 17th at 630pm. Dancers are expected to attend all regular classes as well as group specific rehearsals as it is now crunch time!

This Weeks Schedule:
Monday- 5pm: Girls Army Number (Maddie W, Maggie A, Charlotte C, Isabella, Phoebe, Hannah G)
6pm: "Junior" Slip Jig Number and Senior "She" Slip Jig Number.
All are expected to attend their regular dance class following

Wednesday- 4pm: Lanigan's Ball Number (Mckenna F, Cassidy F, Rylan F, Maddie G, Maddie, Patrick D, Maddie D, Emma)
5pm: Warrior Number (Nash, Brendan, Patrick, Eli, Maddie D, Eva, Clara, Rylan)
6pm: "Junior" Slip Jig, Senior "She", Jazzy Wilbur
All are expected to attend their regular dance class following

Thursday- 4pm: Girls Army, "Junior" Slip Jig
5pm: Warriors
6pm: Senior "She"
All are expected to attend their regular dance class following

Please be patient with scheduling as it is very difficult to balance multiple graduations and other major events that occur this time of year. However, it is important that students attend class when expected to make things run smoothly. If there are any conflicts please keep us informed. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Reminder army number is practicing every Thursday  at 430-545!!!