Question:  How do I keep updated on what is going on at the dance school?
Answer:  Families are asked to frequently check the blog/website/facebook page.  If you have an RSS reader, you can subscribe to the blog to see updates in your reader.  You can also use the "Follow by Email" feature on the right to receive e-mails when the blog/website is updated.  As always, please note the date of the post. The blog is updated as changes and new information arise. Please assume classes will run as scheduled unless notified! Dancers are encouraged to check the blog/website prior to their scheduled day of class.

Question:  How do I know if class/practice is cancelled due to inclement weather?
Answer:  We follow the snow days of Portland - no school - no class.

Question:  How often should I attend class?
Answer:  Preliminary and Open dancers preparing for competitions are expected to be in class at least 2x/week.   It is recommended that competitive  dancers wishing to progress attend class twice per week.  There are a number of FALL feises; Upcoming feises:  (North American Feis Commission website for info)

Question:  What kind of shoes should I wear to class?
Answer:  All children need to dance in their ghillies and hard shoes until competent. Dance sneakers are used for LONG PRACTICES or SLIPPERY FLOORS. Before buying anything please speak with Carlene! 

Question:  What do I need to do before signing up for a feis?

Answer:  THOSE ENTERING A FEIS NEED TO CLEAR THE ENTRY WITH CARLENE BEFORE REGISTERING.  Please note:  Students are NOT to enter competitions, change categories (beginner, novice, prizewinner etc) or change primary dances in preliminary, or open competitions without explicit permission from Carlene. ANY BREACH OF THESE POLICIES WILL RESULT IN SUSPENSION OF COMPETITION PRIVILEGES.

Question:  Are there private lessons available?
Answer:  PRIVATE LESSONS ARE AVAILABLE FOR THOSE COMPETING IN UPCOMING FESIANNA. It would certainly be to the dancers advantage to do so! CONTACT CARLENE IF INTERESTED.  Private lessons are available by appointment Friday eve  4-8 pm and Saturday 8-1 pm.   Lessons may be shared.

Question:  What kind of wig should I buy?
Answer:  FOR DANCERS LOOKING TO BUY NEW WIGS, PLEASE SPEAK WITH CARLENE. Wigs and dresses are bought for the benefit of the dancer and are carefully thought out to make the dancer look their best. The choice of bun head vs full wig is up to the discretion of Carlene. 
Please feel free to call or e-mail with any questions or concerns.