The Stillson School will be hosting our annual

Maine State Feis

Saturday, July 28nd

at Gorham Middle School

106 Weeks Road, Gorham, ME

Click on the link for our syllabus, and check back here for updates!

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2018 Maine State Feis Judges:
     Patricia Murphy
     Helan Greene
     Maureen Greene O'Leary
     Kevin Broesler
     Sheila Clohrety Reilly
     Maggie Revis-Basenberg
     James Friel

Michael Fitzpatrick- USA
Niall O'Leary- USA

Wondering Where to Stay?
The Maine State Feis does not have any feis rates with specific hotels
we recommend the following hotels:
Fireside Inn- Portland
Ramada Inn- Portland
Quality Inn & Suites- South Portland
Fairfield Inn by Marriott- Scarborough
Howard Johnson Hotel- South Portland
Any hotels in the Portland/South Portland/ Westbrook/ Scarborough area are within half an hour from our venue!


318: Preliminary U9
1st – Scarlett Petrarca, Murray Irish Dance Academy NH
2nd- Teagan Hanrahan, Lynn O’Grady Quinlan Connick
3rd- Darla Waters, Murray Irish Dance Academy NH
4th- Chloe Bosma, Murray Irish Dance Academy NH
5th- Kyle Sullivan, Smith Houlihan MA
6th- Genevieve Molnar, Hurley School of Irish Dance MD

319: Preliminary U10
1st- Sophie Gibbons, McInerney School MA
2nd- Caroline Murphy, Boland NY
3rd- Madalyn Ebert, McInerney School MA
4th- Aine Egan, Forbes MA

320: Preliminary U11
1st- Devyn O’Callaghan, Lynn O’Grady Quinlan Connick
2nd- Sarah Kate Ryan, Broesler
3rd- Abigail Grace Daley, Griffith
4th- Ava Rahn, Murray Irish Dance Academy NH

321: Preliminary U12
1st- Elizabeth Astorina, LOQC
2nd- Jenna Scanlan, O’Rourke Academy of Irish Dance NY
3rd- Shannon Bresnahan, Kenny Academy
4th- Mary Gibbons, McInerney School MA
5th- Rowynn Applebee, Short School Quebec

322: Preliminary U13
1st- Heidi Biernacki, Rince Na Sonas NY
2nd- Isabella Cometti, Broesler
3rd- Madeline McCabe, Goulding MA
4th- Kathryn Desousa, Griffith CT
5th- Niall Powers Ozyurt, O’Dwyer School MA
6th- Clara Shvets, Stillson School Maine

323: Preliminary U14
1st- Collette Molnar, Hurley School of Irish Dance MD
2nd- Kelsey Sullivan, Southern Academy
3rd- Erin Lavelle, Cassin Academy of Irish Dance
4th- Shannon Stanton, Kenny Academy
5th- Isabella Balzano, Stillson School Maine
6th- Fiona Gallagher, Hurley School of Irish Dance MD
7th- Eva Mulholland, Griffith CT

324: Preliminary U15
1st- Shelagh Coombs, Murray Irish Dance Academy NH
2nd Tie- Katherine Hazard, Griffith CT
2nd Tie- Loren Skelly, Cassin Academy of Irish Dance
2nd Tie- Erin Addison Gorman, Doherty Petri School of Irish Dancing
3rd- Charlotte Colson, Stillson School Maine
4th- Bridget Hackett, Carney MA
5th- Ciara Murphy, Kenny Academy
6th- Helen Croteau, O’Dwyer School MA
7th- Evy Hatzigiannis, Goulding MA

325: Preliminary U16
1st- Kaitlyn Feeney, O’Dwyer School MA
2nd- Julia Manwaring, Griffith School CT
3rd- Emma Love Trombley, Fadden Academy VT

326: Preliminary 16 & Over
1st- Caroline Logan, Griffith CT
2nd- Jessica Wilson, Dunleavy Boyle Bremer Academy
3rd- Kaylly Senna, Griffith CT
4th- Grace Hillaker, McGonagal School
5th- Grace Lonergan, O’Shea Chaplin MA
6th- Brianna Corrigan, Sullivan Stewart
7th- Katrina Carver, Diaga Irish Dance Nova Scotia
8th- Ciara Carroll, O’Shea Chaplin MA
9th- Jillian Casey, Goulding MA
10th- Colleen Moody, Sullivan Stewart

330: Open Championship U9/U10 Girls & Boys Combined
1st- Daniel Sullivan, Greene-O’Leary MA
2nd- Madeline Schnitzer, Kanaley School MA
3rd- Casey Bartley, McInerney MA
4th- Liliana Carey, Dunleavy Boyle Bremer Academy

331: Open Championship Girls U12
1st- Eme Wyndham, McInerney MA
2nd- Lauren Fitzgerald, Diaga Irish Dance Nova Scotia
3rd- Anya Voehl, Harney Academy MA

333: Open Championship Girls U14
1st- Madeleine Walsh, Stillson School Maine
2nd- Hannah Gawlick, Stillson School Maine
3rd- Arina Matkevich, Stillson School Maine

335: Open Championships U16 Combined
1st- Mary Roper, Short Quebec
2nd- Spencer Gearey, Short Quebec
3rd- Liadan Gallagher, Dunleavy Boyle Bremer Academy
4th- Ailie Daley, Griffith CT
5th- Aislin Glavin, Kenny Academy
6th- Hannah Costa, Keane O’Brien Academy MA

337: Open Championship U18 Girls
1st- Grace Landry, Heavey MA
2nd- Julianne Howley, Dunleavy Boyle Bremer Academy
3rd- Fiona Powers Ozyurt, O’Dwyer School MA

339: Open Championship 18 & Over Girls
1st- Ciara Stillson, Stillson School Maine
2nd- Bridget Stillson, Stillson School Maine
3rd- Grania Gallagher, Dunleavy Boyle Bremer Academy

340: Open Championship 18 & Over Boys
1st- Brandon McQuilkin, McGing Irish Dancers Cincinnati


  1. Is this open to the public to attend?

  2. Do I need to send in registration via snail mail? I couldn't find a way to do it on efeis?